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UK 3 PIN DC 12V 2A Power Supply/Charger/Adaptor Plug LED Strip Light
New high quality CE approved 3 Pin UK Mains AC-DC Switching Adapter/ Power Supply for used in most which support 9v 2a 3.5 jack/pin size and compatible with Zenithink C91 ZT 280 and Upgrade .
Firewire Connection Kit
The Firewire Connection Kit by Philex allows you to connect to any IEEE1394 products and features interchangeable connectors for use with the majority of FireWire devices.
LogiLink Laser Mouse 2000DPI USB+PS2 Combo Box
This LogiLink Laser Mouse features a resolution of 2000 dpi and includes both USB and PS2 connections.
MMDS power supply (for Chorus Ireland / MMDS dish)
MMDS power supply (for Chorus Ireland / MMDS dish) specifications: Works with all our downconvertors and AM G series MMDS aerials
Nintendo DS Lite (top) Screen
Nintendo DS Lite (top) Screen will replace a broken or cracked screen.
Notebook Cooling Pad
This Notebook Cooling Pad pulls heat away from your notebook and prevents your CPU from overheating
Sandisk 4GB Memory Stick PRO Duo
SanDisk's 4GB Memory stick PRO DUO offers high speed data transfer and large storage capacity, perfect for Sony portable digital devices such as digital cameras.
Senua MX/ MX 2 and Android M8 XBMC Box Replacement Remote Control
Senua MX/ MX 2 and Android M8 XBMC Box Replacement Remote Controlwill work on the following models:
Sky Remote Control with Magic Eye unboxed
The Magic Eye Infra Red Sensor allows you to control your Sky box from a second TV in a different location.
SLX 2 Way Aerial Amplifier by Philex Side
This SLX 2 Way Aerial Amplifier by Philex is designed to distribute the signals from a digital satellite receiver and FM/DAB aerial to up to 2 TVs/Hi-Fi tuner
Starview JTAG
JTAG for for Starview receivers.
TechSol LCD TV Wall Mount Front
This TechSol LCD TV Wall Mount is suitable for flat screen televisions from 15" to 22". Product Details
Tevion Remote Control
Tevion TV/DVD remote control.  
TP-Link 54M Wireless CardBus Adapter with box
The TP-Link 54M Wireless CardBus Adapter provides multi security protection and Complies with 64/128/152-bit WEP Encryption, WPA/WPA2, IEEE 802.1X, TKIP and AES, the TL-WN310G to make it secure.
Xbox 360 AC Power Adapter front
This official Xbox 360 AC adapter provides the power supply for the XBox 360 console.
3 x 1 HDMI mini Switcher
This 3-way HDMI mini switcher routes high-definition video (in multiple resolutions up to 1080p) and digital audio from any one of the three sources to the display. 
Digivox and Eurovox TX Replacement remote control
Digivox and Eurovox TX Replacement remote control (DXL) will work on the following models:
Micro SD Memory card 4Gb
High-speed Micro SD Memory card with 4Gb of storage. Use your micro SD card in everything from your mobile phone to pen drive.
HDMI unbranded Connection Cable GOLD 5m AV Lead curled up
Get the most out of your HD equipment and only use quality HD leads. These HDMI interconnects are designed to allow the transfer of high quality digital AV signals with the minimum off loss.
Apple iPhone Q-sim Unlock Turbo Sim Card for iPhone 3G boxed
Dreambox Power Supply for 500C, 500S and DM500T
Dreambox Power Supply for 500C, 500S and DM500T will work with the following receivers: Dreambox 500S Dreambox 500C Dreambox 500T Input 240VOutput 12V
4GB Kingston Micro SDHC Card with Adaptor
Starting at 4GB, microSDHC cards offer even more storage for music, videos, pictures and games. The microSDHC card allows you to get the best out of your mobile devices.
pink usb keyboard case
Pink Senua Leather Keyboard Case for 7" Android Tablet PC's - This is suitable for all types of Tablet PC's that have
Dreambox DM800 Remote Control
Dreambox Remote Control for DM800 designed for the DreamBox DM800. Buy the Dreambox Remote control here and have it posted to you today! Please note this remote is usually black
Technomate 1000 1500 1600 CI D Remote side
Technomate Replacement Remote Control for the 1000 range of Technomate boxes. Works with
Traxdata 8x Recordable DVD x50
Traxdata 8 speed Recordable DVD 50 pack. Each of the 50 discs hold 4.7Gb of Data and is white printable for inkjet printers.
TV-FM Car Antenna
Using this TV-FM Car Antenna you can enjoy quality TV - FM entertainment whilst in your car.
USB to RS232 Cable end
USB specification revision 1.1 & 2.0 compliant Support RS232 serial interface (DB25 or DB9) Support over 1Mbps data transfer rate Support remote Wake-up and power m
3 in 1 Charger (for use with iPhones) front
3 in 1 Charger (for use with iPhones) is a travel charger that can charge the iPhone from a mains socket, computer or cigarette lighter in a car     
Blackberry BAT-17720-002 D-x1 Battery top
Blackberry BAT-17720-002 D-x1 Battery is for use with the Blackberry Storm and other such phones.
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