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Chorus MMDS Downconverter

This item is compatible with all terrestrial receivers including the Eurovox TX ,TheBox_T Dreambox 500TMedia

Chorus MMDS Downconverter
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RRP: £29.99
APROX: €10.16
APROX: $12.55

Chorus MMDS Downconverter package bulk offer x10

Chorus MMDS Downconverter package bulk offer  x10
Chorus MMDS Downconverter package bulk offer  x10

The downconvertor is used to convert a MMDS Microwave signal to a normal UHF frequency.


The specifications for the Chorus MMDS Downconverter x 10 are:

  • Input freq. range: 2,500 to 2,700MHz
  • Output freq. : 222Mhz-408Mhz
  • L.O. frequency: 2278
  • L.O. stability: ≤±30kHz (-40 - +70°C)
  • Image rejection: ≥50dB
  • Noise figure: 3.5dB
  • VSWR: 1.5:1
  • IF rejection: ≥80dB
  • PCS rejection: ≥100dB
  • WCS rejection: ≥50dBc
  • Gain: 32dB(can changed)L.O. leakage RF-port: ≤-85dBm
  • L.O. leakage IF-port: ≤-50dBm
  • L.O. phase noise: offset, offset, 
  • offset, offset, offset
  • Output P1dB: +14dBm (typ.)
  • Gain flatness over entire range: ≤±1.5dB
  • Gain flatness: ≤0.2dB/channel
  • IF output impedance: 75ohm Input type: integrated dipole antenna
  • Operating temperature: -40 - +70°C
  • Spurious in IF band: ≤-100dBm
  • DC input voltage: 12V - 24V
  • Storage temperature: -40 - +80°C
  • Relative humidity: 0% - 95%


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Price Information

RRP: £299.90
APROX: €190.73
APROX: $235.51
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