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Xbox 360 DVD Replacement Drive (Hitachi GDR-3120L)


Please note this is a Refurbished product

This is a replacement drive for Xbox 360 by Hitachi-LG, model GDR-3120L (Refurbished). It comes with ROM VER : 0047DJ Please note: Replacing the 360 DVD drive requires more than just physically swapping the drives, you will need to extract the key from your old drive and inject it into the new one.

These are Hitachi LG GDR-3120L models that are running Rom Version 59DJ 

If you have damaged your drive trying to install a chip, or your old one has just decided to die and will no longer read any disks or started skipping, these Replacement drives will solve your problem. But keep in mind that with the Xbox 360 you can't just take out the old drive and plug in this new one as such. 

Please Note:

It is not possible to take out your old drive and just install this new drive without flashing your old drive key into your new drives firmware, if you do you will get an Error 66 message.With all 360 drives you need to extract the dvd key from your old drives dumped firmware and then insert it into your new drives firmware. jungleflasher  is a great app for this. you may also need to spoof your drive if you are not replacing a drive with the exact same brand/model,this is not a simple procedure and should only be preformed by a person who has the knowledge and experience with this procedure or you could end up loosing your dvd drive key and end up with a bricked console.

Xbox 360 DVD Replacement Drive (Hitachi GDR-3120L) (Refurbished)
Xbox 360 DVD Replacement Drive (Hitachi GDR-3120L stickerXbox 360 DVD ReplacemenXbox 360 DVD Replacement Drive (Hitachi GDR-3120L) (Refurbished)
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