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Sky Octo LNB 8 Outputs | Sky Mini Dish, Liverpool


The Sky Octo LNB can feed up to eight separate single-input receivers or four twin-input receivers or a combination. Each receiver has independent control of polarisation and band via 13/17 volt switching and 22kHz on/off respectively.

This Sky Octo LNB is also used with the Sky+ or Freesat+ Digiboxes that have two LNB inputs and internal Hard Drives for recording a programme while you watch another. Two LNB outputs go to this "Plus" Digibox and the other six LNB outputs can go either to six standard Sky/Freesat Digiboxes or to three other "Plus" Digiboxes.

Note: An oval "minidish" requires a Sky minidish LNB with spigot fixing. A standard circular dish normally requires a standard 40mm neck LNB. Please check the fitting before ordering.

Sky Octo LNB for Sky Mini Dish (8 Outputs)
Sky Octo LNB for Sky MiniDish side view
Price: £16.99
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  • SKY OCTO LNB to fits New style Zone Dishes
  • This LNB is connected to your Sky minidish to allow additional cables to be added to expand your existing Sky Digital setup.
  • The Sky OCTO LNB is used by Sky when a customer has Sky+ or Sky HD where 2 cables are needed. With a Sky Quad LNB you can add an additional 2 cables if needed.
  • The OCTO LNB comes will need an adapter to fit the old style Sky Dish (contact us if this is needed)


Whats in the box

What's in the box: 

1 x Sky OCTO LNB 

Please note if you require another type of Sky OCTO LNB other than the Octo LNB advertised please email us for details as we have other types offered

Price Information

RRP: £34.99
APROX: €21.60
APROX: $26.68

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