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Receiving German TV in the UK (FTA)

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At present many German programmes are broadcast in both analogue and digital modes. The analogue transmissions should be discontinued in the near future. Therefore it is bets to invest in a cheap digital satellite receiver 

What is needed to receive Free to Air German Channels?

What satellite/s are the German TV channels found?

Most of the German language channels are broadcast from the Astra-1 cluster of satellites located at 19 degrees East of South.
Most German channels are generally found on the following satellites:
  • Astra 1H 19.2°E
  • Astra 1L 19.2°E
  • Astra 1M 19.2°E
  • Astra 3B 23.5.2°E
Although there are many more German broadcasts found on other satellites
For the full list please check:


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