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Power Supply Eurovox (for 2006, 2007, 2008 Max series)


Eurovox Power Supply (for 2006, 2007, 2008 Max series) EM-3014 V1.0 XG 11.5b EDITION can fix many, many faults on the Eurovox.

Is your Eurovox dead or stuck in standby?

  • Red standby light only.
  • Red LED & two green dots in display & cannot be Jtagged
  • Multiple combination of red, green or amber LEDs

Unstable Eurovox that is restarting?
No power at all or doesn't Jtag successfully?
Hissing sounds/noises from your Eurovox?

Simply gone BANG during power spikes, liquid spillage or improper grounding in kettle plug.

Power Supply for Eurovox on its side
Power Supply Eurovox showing the topPower Supply Eurovox showing capacitorPower Supply for Eurovox showing the bottom
Price: £11.99
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Input Voltage AC 90 ~240V, 50/60Hz - Type SMPS - Power Consumption Max. 30W - Standby Power 12W

Price Information

RRP: £14.99
APROX: €15.25
APROX: $18.83

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