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If your Eurovox/ Starview TheBox etc is not finding any transponders or has NO SIGNAL

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SatandCable Admin
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Make sure your leads and splitters are all connected well, check for loose F-connector/ faulty splitters (make sure cable feed is in RF-IN )

As you have already determined that your cable is live then I would start to look at the box as the cause of the problem. Make sure your box is running on the latest version firmware. Reset your box to factory settings then do a ‘FULL’ Powerscan (not normal Powerscan) on the 6.952 frequency. If still nothing reset to factory settings again and do another full 

Powerscan on the 6.997 frequency, see if that brings something up.

How many splitters are there on the line? Too many could cause the signal to be weak; if the length of split cable and is the length of cable very long: you may need booster?

Easiest way to test the box is to connect the receiver to the cable feed as its ‘first’ enters the house. Without any splitters on the line (you will then see if there is a box problem / line problem – it could be a faulty splitter?)

*Download a Channel Data File File from another similar box / find on web forum. Transfer it from you other Eurovox / Starview TheBox etc

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New Eurovox

Just bought new Eurovox and programmed all the channels but a lot of them are saying Channel scrambled.  On my old one I used to be able to go to the menu press the yellow button and be able to put codes in, but cant seem to be able to do it on this box.  Any answers please.

J Abraham
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Scrambled Channels

Dear Monkey Man,

All my channels are scrambled including FTA channels in the Luton area. Do you have a latest software for Eurovox EX1000 SL that I can download please?




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exturnal harddrive

just bought a 500 gig harddrive and the eurovox ex1100 usb. the card reader works ok. but the hard drive dosent. please could you help me. thanks george



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Joined: 29/09/2011
A780 problem after flashing

hi, just received my a780 today, flashed software successfully, box rebooted and switched on, programs starting cycyling from P001 - P250(ish) over and over, switched off and took to my tv and connected all relevant cables and not getting any picture on my tv and programs still cycling through as mentioned, any help?

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openbox NETWORKING Inf

I habe 4 openbox s9 and Dreambox. please help me Networking Systems 


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