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Humax Digital Freeview PVR with HDMI and 320GB Hard Drive (PVR9300T)


The Humax PVR9300T PVR comes with a 320GB hard drive for the PVR so you will have all the space you'll ever need. The Humax PVR9300T PVR also has a twin tuner so you can record a programme and watch another.

Humax Freeview PVR with HDMI and 320GB Hard Drive (PVR9300T)
Price: £179.99
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  • New Playback DTR in black with accurate recording
  • 320Gb DTR (Digital Television Recorder)
  • HD Upscaling with HDMI
  • Twin Digital Tuner, can record 2 channels whilst viewing a third
  • Pause live TV and rewind live TV
  • One touch recording from 8 day programme guide
  • Tape-less record and playback (Max 300 hrs on 500GB hard drive)
  • Dolby 5.1 optical output
  • Common interface slot for Pay TV (requires separate CAM (not supplied))
  • Automatic software update, to ensure the latest digital features are available
  • Records subtitles with the ability to view or hide them during playback
  • Auto-padding ensures you never miss the beginning and end of a programme
  • Chase play enables you to watch a programme from the beginning whilst still recording the end
  • NOTE: This unit only records Freeview, not SKY or cable

Price Information

RRP: £199.99
APROX: €228.88
APROX: $282.62

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