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Diablo Cam 2- New


The Diablo cam 2 for  FREE films, sports, documentaries, 18+ and much more and  now the most supported cam on the market and offers the most amount of channels using the latest stealth files. The Diablo Cam 2 will give you the most out of your satellite receiver including all the latest films, sports, adult films and much more.

You will need a Cas3 plus or Cas2 plus to program your Diablo 2 Cam, The cas 2 plus will program most hobby cams including Dragon 4.1, T Rex, T Rex 4.6 super module and more. The cas 3 plus can programme hobby cards as Gamma cards etc.

Diablo cam 2  duolabs CAM sports
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Modul Diablo CAM 2 the new Diablo CAM 2 from Duolabs.

D-Module 2 is the new Conditional Access Module designed by Duolabs much more powerful and flexible of the old D-Module.

New Features:-


  • ARM7TDMI @ 50Mhz.
  • FPGA @ 100Mhz processing speed.
  • RAM: Internal 16KB and External 1MB.
  • ROM: 256KB Internal Flash and 4MB Dataflash.
  • J-tag connection.2 Smartcard Readers ISO and Plug-In.
  • 2 Unique serial Numbers internally lasered inside.
  • Supports 3,3 and 5,0 Volts Smartcards
  • Bus Encryption
  • New internal CPU core.


  • PICO-OS Operating System.
  • Dataflash internal Filesystem FAT 12.
  • Fully programmable by PCMCIA secure protocol.
  • Hardware differences with D-Module:
  • 1 MB of RAM instead of 512 K
  • 4 MB of Dataflash
  • Most powerfull DVB Processor Xilinx 1200
  • Bus Encryption
  • Internal Extra CPU

Price Information

RRP: £119.99
APROX: €127.15
APROX: $157.00

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