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Cool iPhone App for aligning satellite Dishes!

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This is the next generation satellite finder: Point your iPhone anywhere towards the sky and see all the satellites lined up, on the live video screen! At a glance, you’ll see where the satellite is and whether any trees or buildings are blocking the line of sight. This is extremely useful for multi-LNB dishes so that you have a good idea where to point the LNB's This is a truly useful augmented reality app for the pr

The App uses the GPS, accelerometer, and the compass of the new iPhone 4GS. Just move the phone up and down and left and right and the satellite arc will follow the live video on the display. The compass has a bit of a lag though, so when doing quick sideways movements the satellite arc is trying to catch up but then settles to the correct position.

This application has been developed in order to assist in the alignment of Ku-Band satellite dishes.

It is very simple to use. Simply click on the "Find My Location" button in order to set your current latitude and longitude. Select the satellite you wish to align and then click on the calculate button. The results are shown in °E from North. Using a compass this will give you the approximate initial position for your selected satellite.

Positioning accuracy when using a 2 iPhone works well. Although it is not as accurate as the 3G iPhone, it is only necessary to get a reading of within 5 kms of your target. Even at this range your dish alignment will only be approximately 0.1° out.

Check out the Video below to see the Dishpointer App:


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