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3 Way F Splitter to split Coaxial Cable (3-way)


The 3-Way F Splitter will take your Coaxial Cable and split the signal up to 3 times.
This can be used to take in your TV signal and split it for use in 3 other rooms.

  • Ideal for digital TV
  • 5 MHz - 1GHz operating range
  • Zinc die cast housing, bright tin finish
  • Low insertion loss
  • Ideal for Starview, Dreambox, Eurovox etc

Passive splitter ideal for cable or terrestrial TV signals, used particularly for digital TV. This splitter features low insertion loss and high return loss and isolation. The metal body features two mounting holes and grounding terminals.

To join the Coaxial Cable to the 3-way splitter you will need 1 F twist connector per split.
Buy your Coaxial Cable and F twist connectors from SATandCABLE too.

3-Way F Splitter to split Coaxial Cable side view
3-Way F Splitter to split Coaxial Cable front view3-Way F Splitter to split Coaxial Cable3-Way F Splitter to split Coaxial Cable with screws3-Way F Splitter to split Coaxial Cable lid off3-Way F Splitter to split Coaxial Cable lid off
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